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We at The Telephone Zone are collecting articles to make your life as a telecommunications user easier. Click on the links below to see the articles.

Cell Phones
A Glossary of Cell Phone Terms and Definitions
How Cellphones Work – Answering the Call to your Questions
The History of Cell Phones – A Vision Realized

Long Distance
A Glossary of Long Distance Terms and Definitions
How Long Distance Works - Ring. Ring.
The History of Long Distance - A Communications Revolution

A Glossary of Phonecard Terms and Definitions – Uncovering the Charges
How Phonecards Work – Pay as You Go
The History of Phonecards – The World Communicates

Ring Tones
Glossary of Ring Tones Terms & Definitions
How Ring Tones Work – A Musical Awakening
The History of Ring Tones – Classical to Rap

A Glossary of Voicemail Terms and Definitions – Definition Notification<
How Voicemail Works – Helping you Get the Message
The History of Voicemail – Press One to Find Out…


Cell Phones, Long Distance, Phonecards, Ring Tones, Voicemail

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Cellular Phones
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Calling Cards
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Long Distance
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